LIVE! Interactive Plat Map Examples

ePlatMaps Interactive web application Version 3 is our latest release which includes photo uploading, improved map graphics and several other performance upgrades.

ePlatMaps: Interactive Community Maps

Each map is customized to each individual customer needs. Our control panel allows you to quickly update each lot and has real-time publishing for customers to get the latest information on your community.

Below are Live examples of clients who have ePlatMaps™ interactive Plat Maps showcasing their Community Developments.

Residential Community Developments:

  1. Large Multi-Phase Map
    We created a custom overview map plus a "Zoomed In" versions of each Phase and then made those Phases interactive with map editors for each section that can be managed by one of more personnel in the office whether they are in the field or in the office.
  2. Showing off the Amenities
    We were asked to create Custom Graphics show casing Golf Course Amenities. Our Graphic Design Team was given artistic freedom to "go all out" and create a show boat for their Sales center as a large Poster format, on their website and also on brochures and flyers.
    View the map on their website.
  3. Multiple Phase Site Plan We grow the Master Plan as the development grows by adding new sections that the builder is now developing. The sales team integrates their map in a very unique way as to give their clients a full user experience. Working as a cohesive team we are able to create unique visual renderings that are both eye pleasing and interactive for their home buyers and real estate agents. View this map live on their website
  4. Differentiate what are lots and houses on your map
    We can create Custom Labels and color codes that can be used to show more that just "Available", "Under Contract" or "Sold"...
  5. Interactive Community Map with Video Link hotspots
    What a fun project. Customer wanted to have a map that they could update lot information in real-time along with including some key spots in their neighborhood that they have on Youtube....
  6. Does it have to be a community map? Nope. Not at all. Check this one out
  7. We love creating interactive platmaps for Customers who already have a site map they are using on their website but just want to make it interactive so that they can show new customers and other real estate agent the most up-to-date information on each homesite. So, we took their current jpg/gif/png/pdf and and made it interactive with an online editor. See this map now Image made into an Interactive Sales tool Image made into an Interactive Sales tool Image made into an Interactive Sales tool Image made into an Interactive Sales tool

What is the process to create a ePlatMaps Interactive Map of your community

  1. You send us a copy of your your engineered map or your current web graphic.
  2. We then we do our magic to make your map interactive and provide you with a online tool for you to update your lots in real-time.
  3. We will provide you with some code to add to your website

What information can I add

Our system is fully customizable by you. There are five lines of information you can publish just about anything you want to say about each lot, and you can add a link to whatever you choose; and upload a photo. It's just that easy.

Our ePlatMaps™ Management System, allows you to enter and maintain all of your lot information, which eliminates the high-maintenance cost typically associated with interactive products.

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