Map Examples

Each map is built to each individual customer's needs. Our control panel allows you to quickly update each lot in real-time allowing prospective customers to get the latest information about your community.

ePlatMaps Interactive Maps with online editor

Every map we do creates an interactive experience for the buyer. You can add any information you wish and is custom to your needs. Here is a quick list of what our system provides:

  • + Add an image to lot rollover
  • + Add 5 Customizable Lines for each Lot
  • + Add a link for your customers to get more information

DEMO Interactive Maps: Case Studies

Case Studies: New Home Development Marketing using ePlatMaps Interactive Map

  • Deluxe Golf Course Community Map
    The Preserve "The Address of Choice", highly desired, rich in community amenities.
  • Large Multi-Phase Map
    We created a custom overview map plus a "Zoomed In" versions of each Phase and then made those Phases interactive with map editors for each section that can be managed by one of more personnel in the office whether they are in the field or in the office.

Showcase: New Home Development Artist Rendering and Website Interactive Map for Visual Communication

Does it have to be a community map? Nope. Not at all. Check this one out

Already have a map you are using... We can make it interactive

We love creating interactive platmaps for Customers who already have a site map they are using on their website but just want to make it interactive so that they can show new customers and other real estate agent the most up-to-date information on each homesite. So, we took their current jpg/gif/png/pdf and and made it interactive with an online editor. See this map now :

- Launches new browser window -

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